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What clients are saying about First Choice National Consulting Group

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I have utilized First Choice National Consulting Group for a few different projects over the years (handbook development, unemployment issues, payroll, employee relations, terminations, etc). I have always been pleased with their professionalism, customer service, follow up and quality of work. I will continue to use them as additional projects come up, and I would not hesitate to refer them to anyone. ....

Sonya D.

I've been self-employed for many years, first as a nurse and now as a bail bonds-person. I worked with Carrie prior to her opening First Choice National Consulting Group, I was probably one of her first consulting clients. I utilize Carrie with First Choice National Consulting Group for all of my billing, bookkeeping, accounting, quarterly taxes, and tax preparation needs. Carrie has always kept me on track with my financials. She provided me tools to track my mileage and other work-related expenses, she helped me develop a business and a personal budget which ultimately helped me to build and purchase a home. She always listens to what my needs are and helps me to develop a plan of action to reach my end goal. I will never stop working with Carrie - she has been a true God send!

Rovella R.

My company was being audited by my State Unemployment department and I needed assistance preparing for the audit. First Choice National Consulting Group stepped in and addressed all of the issues. They helped me build out my accounting system, they built out all of my historical data because I had never had an accounting department nor kept any records, they produced all of my monthly and year-end accounting spreadsheets, reconciled all of my bank statements, and made all of the necessary journal entries (monthly and year-end). They also developed my employee handbook, and helped me recruit additional drivers. They reconciled my payroll account, and ensured that all of my quarterly tax accounts had been reconciled and paid accordingly. They helped me build a growth plan which I continue to use today to grow my business. I am grateful to them and their expertise for assisting me when I needed it the most. Instead of my paying $25,000.00 + plus in fees and fines to the State, I only ended up paying $1,200.00.

Mr. B.

First choice really helped me organize and centralize my staffing needs at my organization. They were very insightful and data driven in their support and training.

Wm Malcolm Fowlkes III

I have used First Choice National Consulting for payroll, benefits and human resource needs. Their pricing structure is fair and transparent and Carrie is always professional and super responsive. This has been the best decision for my small company as it frees up my time with enrollments, terminations, new hires, and benefit invoices.
Carrie is also always available to us and has come to our facility on several occasions to help us address employee issues or update current policies. We recommend all of their services. The services they provide are more affordable than hiring a designated employee to handle HR, payroll, and benefits. Kudos to First Choice National Consulting

Tonya Henderson-Smith

First Choice is responsible for all my HR functions. Though remote, the organization seamlessly provides the support and professionalism necessary. Ms. Neal’s honesty and candor are always appreciated. My goal is a long-term business relationship.

Donna Abrokwa

I have had the opportunity to work with First Choice National Group and I continue to be impressed with their efficient service and impeccable customer service. I feel 100% confident in referring this company to any business wanting to improve efficiency and execute growth strategies!!!!

This is what REAL business relationships should look like!

Latifah Hafeez

First Choice is a great HR consulting for a startup business or a seasoned company, when I started with First Choice my business was growing and profitable, I chose First Choice for their accounting expertise, but as they were refining my accounts they asked if I had a need for HR, I thought I would in the future but after one week I can't understand how I made it this far. My business has increased in size and profit over 70% in less than a year. First Choice is a 10 star business

Melvin Evans
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